Spinning Division

For processing carpet yarns, R K YARNS uses a patented heat-setting tunnel to set the yarn twist and frieze in a continuous process, without tension, at high temperature and in a saturated environment. The temperature ranges, combined with the saturated steam environment furthermore allow a perfectly gentle treatment of the yarns and prevent any possible oxidation.


Heat-setting in saturated steam affords numerous advantages :

  • Improvement of the synthetic yarn dyeing affinity by modification of the yarns,
  • Tension release in the yarn twist levels,
  • Unrestrained development of yarn bulk in order to obtain better covering rate in the carpet,
  • Possibility to associate yarns of different nature or colours,
  • Programmable heat-setting temperature depending on the nature of the used yarn

A tunnel to maintain the pressure

On TVP3 (or previous TVP/2S) carpet heat-setting lines; R K YARNS uses a patented heat-setting process to continuously set, without any tension, at high temperatures and in a saturated steam field, the yarn twist and frieze.

The heat-setting tunnel patented by R K YARNS comprises 3 main parts :

  • An entrance area, with a tightening head
  • A central area, which length is between 9 to 18 meters depending on the materials being processed by the user,
  • An exit area, with a tightening head.

The tightening heads serve as locks, since the material can enter and exit without allowing steam to escape from the tunnel. The steam pressure can reach 4 bars i.e. approx. 150°C. The saturated steam pressure is computer-controlled and is in relation to the setting temperature, with a precision of +/- 0.3°C (steady state)